Monday, July 9, 2012

The Ultimate Fantasy Touch

One morning, a hot summer day, my phone in my life. Back home again. He came very close to heat exhaustion, and my whole future for a long time, because we are in this work is the first, and those who always keeps me in my to be passive. My heart starts racing, and the body begins to tremble in anticipation. Fortunately, he said to me, half NC. So five hours to myself, or look and a bit eccentric.
Cry of pain as he tells me he wants to show that he is preparing for the arrival of the suspension to start the night life so long gone. He knows that tears are not tears, but anxious or overwhelmed by the emotion pouring out the angel eyes to a high level. We end the words: "I'll tell you the hours of 2 again, I love you ...." and go down and go to the house of mourning for the conduct of life and clean it, then you will know that I am particularly firstt available to me to be a man in a physical with me. : Eek2 first change the sheets ... (For more, and I really think "that it is not a dream, but ...) and it does find music mode.

Then go to the rain. I know that preparing for Kitty, legs ... upon arrival at everything to be perfect! Fortunately, now that I have always from time to time. How can I end my legs, on the phone again, and I know this song to listen to him. I answer that, first of all, they may be misled, and I heard a voice "made of a woman going?" I scream, "This is also the youngest, hurry," the man himself, only about 90 minutes from now. He finally hit the NC line. In it I found myself out of the way there is always a concern for the steep mountains, I am ready with it. Gas that is the end of the last stop, I turned the water into fnish my shower, I still have to take a shower and wash hair. Then to me so that the depth and time of her hair and let the dry land. More work and they tad to you and OMG! What should I use? I want to come to his imagination? Because I want to do or something? I see the clock and it gets dark, so I thought anything goes!
I look at my watch, which may be sacred to me, and I do not known. My heart is the nations, and the phone rings again. I took up and hear his voice "option, accept me, I am now a forum of our house," and the parts that give suck in that, like me, because I already panicking it to me? I feel the jitters coming here, and decide that it is better to sit down before I go. I can tell you are getting nervous, but remains calm and reassured me. Welcome to my most painful part of the city, it can find enough time to the main road to reach the goal. Would that be part of the house is missing. Suddenly I hear the gravel under the wheels up in the drivway and start yelling at the audience, "OMG OMG OMG OMG!" And I ran out the back door without thinking. It's dark, dark house, and some even spoke to him on the phone, as he was, as in the arms length of me. But I saw that his eyes are cast out of his mouth and light, and I heard: "Why do not fancy, but it made me more ..... you really want?" Then I realized that I had spoken to the house, forgetting to wear! Naked in the hands of human life outside the cell, and I'm drooling.
Draw me close to him. Immediately, my arms wrapping it. I slide a hand into his bosom, to take his cell before dropping Jean. He rubs his back slowly back to me, takes my face in her hand and looks deeply into his eyes, he says quietly: "I love children. Finally made it!" I am deeply in the eyes, and say, "I love even a child, but did as we have said, yet" and when he was little laugh evilish overtones. He began to slowly kiss me, as I go weak at the knees of dogs was so wet and I feel a little wet between the legs. The first kiss is always at my heart pound when you start kissing him deeply and slowly while working on the tongue between the lips, letting them dance in the fat in the dark dusk. After a few minutes in the end be made and we do not believe your mouth without resistance. We decide to go inside, it's probably when I was completely naked, and driven only by 10 hours. Hands, we go home we will go again soon madly kissing in the kitchen. His clothing was deprived, and kissing it, going into the house of his exhaust his body. Return it to me once, I feel the swelling of Jean. It drives me wild oragasmic state. They want to get their hands all over my body, but I'm a little nervous, so he takes my hand and the Board in the following prayers. Slowly begin to hand to his heart in crawling up your head to his crotch jean, jean feel it more time to the dogs in the wild. So I begin to stroke and tease her crotch Jean that it starts to kiss me more and more. I unbutton Jean when he shimmies and a pair of these shoes. He leans over and begins to suck my nipples, always. I'm moaning while he sat waiting for the service of love. The legs of the game starts as soon as he tastes my tongue, my honey, as soon as his feet, his face wrapped. It looks to me in shock, like a sweet taste, and how much pussy is my virgin. We're back in the state of shock and awe. I looked and spoke very quickly, before your site that I can come here during the day, wants to taste fresh and clean.
I managed to recover a lot of fun sailing and what not, and show him the great cock in the bathroom. I stand behind him in the lead role, and drooling. I thought, "OMG, this rain is not more than 5 minutes. My Pussy on fire with his cock!" I ran out of the sky. After hearing him out of the shower, I cry for them to bring a towel to dry and it dries! Large mouth with laughter, and from the hand was wrapped in a towel. His eyes scan the eyes of his bright smile on her right breast to the weight of the plant does not mind. The heart of the course is wet and my Throbbing pussy and mouth watering for a big boy. I'm in the towel and slowly wipe his face and kissed every inch slowly. Therefore, his strong arms and hands, breasts dry. Kissing in every way. I dry my back and slowly rubbing his back to him to get some rest. Yes, I'm going to look around and say to him: "I think the language is to do a better job of drying the area with a soft towel." (With tongue in cheek)
Put your hands around the bottom, fully erect cock, and the company of my tongue on the tip of the cock teasing him gently. So I start running my tongue down his cock slowly on both sides of the tongue swirling around a cock. So I'll start squeezing his cock at the bottom a little. Then, slowly begin to lick at looking at it. Transfer the OT where his balls gently read them. That is why I am against his cock and began to thrust him within an inch of my secret to time, sucking huge cock and wrapped around the tongue. In the mouth, in the middle starts hard and fast when you insert it into the mouth with good vibrations, with a sigh. I know that I can hear the moans and groans of the first is always a time when BJ, and bj him that he never had before. This is the message of the flame through the body! He burst into explosion after explosion in my mouth to swallow the load. I watch it slowly gulping swallow me. So I stand and start to kiss, moving his tongue in his mouth, giving it a delicate flavor of its own. Hands are matching them to kiss my breasts.
Follow me and sit on Loveseat brings along with it. I sat down to kiss him in the bosom of a little more direction. So he looks at me and says, "Damn, baby! Are positive than ever before that?" Nod and look "at any rate, I'm a virgin" to this, I feel his cock still hard for pussy. I feel emanating from pre-to him, a chain of pulses. I lay down for a short time in the chest, as he says to me, and I ask him a question to him: "Is it your love to the angel, young man?" In any case, hurridly says, "Yeah, baby!" And he took me and brought me to the bed where her towel in my place and power of JET points! 

For me, he always kisses me on the edge of the bed and said, wrapping his arms and legs, bringing with it more and more in me, I for my part. That is why I feel his hand between her legs, gently fingers her tight little chain for me loosened great for a child. Then he sees deep into his eyes and said: ".? I Love You Baby Thing will have to become a woman," Just take a deep breath and nod your head in fragrance. He takes a deep breath and begins to push his cock in my tight hole slowly, but firmly, inch by inch. With each breath, And, kissing me again until you head deep into my dogs. I wrapped around the legs to go back, and I'm just a little more. Finally, feel the cock slip into me completely. (Fortunately, vibrators have helped prepare me for this moment, Afterall!) In the snatch kisses and lets me use to get his cock in me for a few minutes. PUPPY throbbing cock feels about what to do with kegal muscles, and that gives the game. It begins to thrust itself slightly when the first sentence of my pussy cock to catch the person. I begin to put the chicken and takes it that the more my heart. So he began thrusting faster and faster. I think I begin to rub the body straining to me that the Paraclete, as it was in my mouth. I draw the inside of the legs and hold it to close higher with the free hand and on his cock with the muscles BIND puppy to play with the Counselor. We kissed and higher than harder. I feel my orgasm coming strong and confident that my pussy is tightening carefully. To feel its totally broken for me, both the screams of ecstasy and joy that used to be. I think me and gushes to him that there is a leak in my tight, with their dogs.
I fell for the remaining part in the fierce arms and kissing in a state of shock and horror.

Now the question is this fantasy to come? : Failure: