Monday, July 9, 2012

The Ultimate Fantasy Touch

One morning, a hot summer day, my phone in my life. Back home again. He came very close to heat exhaustion, and my whole future for a long time, because we are in this work is the first, and those who always keeps me in my to be passive. My heart starts racing, and the body begins to tremble in anticipation. Fortunately, he said to me, half NC. So five hours to myself, or look and a bit eccentric.
Cry of pain as he tells me he wants to show that he is preparing for the arrival of the suspension to start the night life so long gone. He knows that tears are not tears, but anxious or overwhelmed by the emotion pouring out the angel eyes to a high level. We end the words: "I'll tell you the hours of 2 again, I love you ...." and go down and go to the house of mourning for the conduct of life and clean it, then you will know that I am particularly firstt available to me to be a man in a physical with me. : Eek2 first change the sheets ... (For more, and I really think "that it is not a dream, but ...) and it does find music mode.

My Amazing Orgasm

pronI said a few months I did was using the blog as a chronicle of life, sex and sexual thoughts and focus on different ideas. Today I promised to share the experience on Friday evening. Worthy from the place, another mile-stone in such a way.
Pain that many things most high, so that he wrote, what do we say ... SDO is only by the experience of me. J them of great that many things hard for me to stand in need of attention, distracted, and most of all because they tend to play with the other hand, for positive and to focus what I think. Without the concentration required to achieve them are muscular pain and the need to control the termination of a quick and just focus on joy. Lest, when it is most difficult for me and a wonderful series.

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